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Born on Ishigaki Island, Raised in Kagoshima
Marutomi Beef, a rare breed of wagyu beef
carefully selected by our passionate wagyu beef experts


Marutomi Beef cattle are born on our own farm on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, in the great outdoors, and spend the first 10 months or so of their lives as calves with their mother in a carefree environment. The calves are then transported by boat to our affiliated farm in Kagoshima Prefecture, where they continue to grow and are lovingly fattened up under the watchful eye of farm staff.

After that, the carcasses are sent to our passionate wagyu experts, who draw on their years of experience to make a final decision on whether or not a cattle can be certified as Marutomi Beef.

Only about 1%(※) of our total annual supply of wagyu beef is certified and shipped as Marutomi Beef.

Marutomi Beef is therefore extremely rare, and is truly the ultimate in carefully selected, premium quality wagyu beef. It is characterized by its refreshing, melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich, sweet, delicious flavor.  

In 2018, Marutomi Syõten opened its own farm, Marutomi Farm, on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, and in 2022, took a leap of faith and shipped its first proprietary brand of beef, Marutomi Beef.


※Based on the actual number of wagyu cattle handled in 2022  (2,465 head), of which 26 were shipped as Marutomi Beef.




Marutomi Beef is carefully selected by our passionate wagyu beef experts,
who are trained connoisseurs when it comes to product safety, security, and quality.


Why Marutomi Beef is
so delicious

Our cattle are born and raised on a breezy farm on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture before being fattened on pastures in Kagoshima Prefecture, which is rich in nature and warm in climate.

Marutomi Beef is carefully selected according to Marutomi Syõten's own criteria, with quality being checked down to the smallest detail based on Marutomi Syõten's reliable expertise cultivated since the company's founding in 1995.

With high levels of linolenic acid and oleic acid, the fat is refreshing and has an excellent flavor that is both delicious and sweet.

Marutomi Syõten Co., Ltd.

6-2-4 Takashimadaira,

Itabashi-ku, Tokyo





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