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Born on Marutomi Farm.

Marutomi Beef cattle are born and raised on our own ranch, situated atop the hilly natural landscape in the Kakinama district of Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture—the southern most point of Japan—with a view of the Pacific Ocean.


Moving forward, together with cattle.

We take great care to create an optimal environment for our cattle and ensure that they spend as much time as possible in their natural state, eating grass from our own mineral-rich pasture and thriving in a natural environment.


Grazed in the wide, natural environment of Ishigaki Island.

A feature of Ishigaki Island is its warm climate throughout the year, with an average temperature of 24.5 degrees Celsius. Our ranch is well ventilated and receives plenty of sunshine, and we practice free-range grazing, which allows for mother cows and their calves to roam freely between the barn and pasture, and experience a relaxed and comfortable environment.

We send our cattle to one of the top fattening ranches in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Approximately 10 months after being birthed and raised at Marutomi Farm, the calves are transferred to be fattened at an affiliated ranch in Kagoshima.


Marutomi Syõten Co., Ltd.

6-2-4 Takashimadaira,

Itabashi-ku, Tokyo





Closed : Saturday, Sunday                  & public holidays

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